Hello Jose,
Opie is a wonderful dog and was the perfect addition to our family. Jose and Valley Poos were top notch and a class act. In 5 years Opie has had 0 health issues which we are very grateful for. She is a highly intelligent dog and was able to be potty trained in 1 day. She learned faster than our kids! She is also an extremely lovable and patient dog. Our children have grown up with her for 5 years and are now 10 and 8. Our son would often be pretty physical with Opie as little kids can with puppies and dogs. Never once has Opie been aggressive or bitten our kids or anybody. She and Valley Poos made our family complete. In fact, we decided to get another Cockapoo 5 years later from Jose. We are very grateful for all the work he has done in raising such great dogs. He has brought a lot of joy to our family’s lives.

– Matthew Griffith


Hi Jose,

We just wanted to reach out and let you know how happy we are with our puppy! We picked up our boy from you last August and he has been the best addition to our family. Gary Huckleberry Marrs was SO easy to potty train, loves dogs and all people, and is the very sweetest boy. He’s a very good eater and at 10 months old he is 14” tall and 24 pounds! Thank you again!

Spencer Marrs


Hi Jose,

Happy Valentine’s Day, Jose,
Just wanted to send you a picture of our little Lucy. 
Lucy turned 2-years-old on February 12, 2021.
Lucy is the most loved dog ever.  She’s a little rascal just like the character “I Love Lucy.” She is very loving, sweet, loyal, and always always up for a game of play no matter what it is.  Even at 3 am.
Lucy is like our child — she is part of our family.  My husband wasn’t so keen on me getting a dog — and now, when he comes home he runs to Lucy to hug and kiss her hello as soon as he walks in the door.

God bless you and your family.  Thanks again!

Lucy was born on February 2019
Parents are Raven and Rudy

Hello Jose,
Just wanted to give you an update. This is Luna at a little over 6 months. She is doing wonderful. Super playful and love-able puppy. We would love to get Luna a sister.

Thank you.
Elvira Gomez Rodriguez

Luna was born on June of 2020


Hi Jose,

I just wanted to give you an update of Lily, from Toby and Zoey’s litter. This is our first dog and I have to say she has been the best and easiest puppy! She is very smart and was fully potty trained in a few weeks. She was so easy to train and picks up new tricks in a few minutes. She weighs about 9 pounds at 6 months and we think she will be around 12 pounds full grown. Lily is the friendliest dog and loves all people, dogs and children. When we take her to the dog park everyone always comments on how happy and friendly she is. She is the only puppy that has NEVER been aggressive, had any resource guidance issues or started a fight. My husband and I are just so impressed with her temperament! He was hesitant to get a dog, but now loves her so much. So thank you for bringing such a wonderful dog into our lives!

I forgot to add Lily has an Instagram that you’re welcome to share for prospective customers: @lilylovecockapoo

The Bochynski Family

Lily was born on December 2019
Parents are Zoey and Toby
She’s 8-lbs and will be about 12lbs when adult.


Figaro, whom we picked up last July from you, is doing well. Here he is welcoming our new son to our house.
Figaro is an excellent dog and has developed a highly intelligent, quirky, prankster personality. We love having him around and could not imagine life without him. Thank you for being an excellent breeder. We have enjoyed working with you.



Hi Palacios Family,

Hope all is well! I wanted to send a follow up on our puppy Finn and let you know how thankful we are for such an amazing puppy!

Finn just hit the 4-month mark and I’ve been told by the vet he is the cutest dog she’s ever seen :). Finn has been the most amazing addition to our little family and has brought nothing but love and laughs into our home. He is the friendliest dog on the planet; he wants to play with every dog he sees and rolls over belly rubs from every stranger we pass. Finn potty trained in just two weeks and learns tricks within minutes (if treats are involved). We can’t go on on a walk without someone asking what breeder Finn from and we always let them know they have to check out Valley Cockapoos! We couldn’t have asked for a more loving puppy, thank you so much!

I’ve attached some pictures of Finn to show how cute he is!

Rachel Parker

Finn was born on December 2019
Parents are Sandy and Jack
He’s 22-lbs and 13″ height

Dear Jose,

I have to say…getting our puppy was one of the best decisions we have made for our family! We got Boomer a little over a year ago (born Dec 3, 2018) and we could not be happier. He was full-grown at about 10-12 months, weighing 22 pounds. His parents are Lulu and Toby. He is such a friendly dog and is always happy and excited to see other dogs and people. He doesn’t bark at them but just wants to say hello with a happy wag of his tail. He likes shorts walks (definitely not long ones) but prefers to run around the backyard with our kids. He loves his chew toys, napping in his bed, and snuggling with all of us. He loves to wake the kids up in the morning by jumping on their beds and they love it. He loves to be around people and is such a happy dog. Boomer has fit right in with our family of 5.

Thank you so much…Boomer has been a perfect addition to our home, especially as we are all sheltering in place during Covid-19. He makes us laugh all the time! We love him.
Thank you Valley Cockapoos!!!

The Thomas Family

Boomer was born on December 2018
Parents are Lulu and Toby
He’s 22-lbs and 13″ height

Dear Jose, and the Palacios Family.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for our gorgeous girl. I know it’s still very early, but we are all just overwhelmed with love for our little Maddison Elsa Gryffindor Booth (Maddie) and have been beyond pleasantly surprise by how seamlessly she has settled into life with us!

I don’t know what magic you do, but we are so grateful to you: she takes herself potty in her space and outside only; she loves all toys; she only wakes once or twice in the night and goes straight back to sleep; she holds her bladder for ages and then tells us she is ready to go; she adores all people, kids and adults alike, strangers and familiars; she comes when she called; she learns crazy fast (fetch and come are all but mastered today, Day 3!); she adores our dog, Chaucer (who is slowly but surely warming up to her). You are amazing! And, our goal of turning her into a therapy dog is well on the way to coming true.

Thank you SO much, again. We are so, so happy! And, we’ll keep you posted on her growth.

Update 02/18/2020: I took her to my college where I teach full time, and she was a dream: no accidents; no behavioral issues; nothing but spreading love and joy to students and faculty. Bliss! And we’ve passed along all of your details to many families now, too. 🙂

Very best,
The Booth family
Katie, Neil, Imogen, Amelia, Grandma Susanne, and Chaucer Doggy

Maddie was born on December 18, 2019
Parents are Emma and Romeo
She is expected to be 25 to 28 lbs
14 to 15″ height to the shoulder

It has been a wonderful 10 months since we picked up our puppy.
We named him Ludo. He is loving, funny, curious, and active. We walk around 3 miles each day not all at once but spread out over a day. We go to the dog park almost every day. He has made friends with dogs, horses, and lots of people.
He loves to get sticks when we walk. He went to ARF puppy socialization and puppy manners. He is friendly and gentle plus being curious playful.

Vera and Rem Barnard

Ludo was born in February of 2019
Parents are Raven and Jack
He’s 24-lbs and height is 14″

Hi Jose,

Our pup, Augie, is doing great! He is such a healthy, playful, and loving dog.
Attached are a few of our favorite pics.

Augie was born on July 2017
Parents are Hailey

Hi Jose,

It’s been a little over 2 months since we took home our puppy “Teddy” from Hailey and Romeo’s litter. He’s a little over 4 months old right now. He’s super outgoing, curious, loving, and has a lot of energy (I just took him on a 2.5 mile hike and he did it with ease). He learned the commands “sit” and “down” within a couple of days in being home. He is also potty trained and sleeps through the night in a crate.

Teddy has been the perfect addition to our family. We oftentimes say we can’t believe how much his personality matches that of our kids (age 2 and 5) and us. We love Teddy so much and are so excited he is part of our lives! I’ve also included a couple of pictures.

Thanks again!

The Hubrig Family

Teddy was born on June 2019
Parents are Hailey and Romeo


I wanted to reach out to you and share a picture of Lucy and let you know how happy we are to have her in our family. She has brought us so much joy in such a short period of time. She has one of my hair ties in her mouth in this photo.
We live in Marina del Rey, adjacent to Venice, CA. We live less than a mile from the ocean. Almost every day Lucy gets to run off-leash on the beach for over an hour and she loves this dog park close by that’s especially for smaller size dogs. She weighs 15lbs, and she eats a raw food (beef) diet.

We are just booking her first grooming appointment. I hope this message finds you and your family happy and well.

Lucy was born on February of 2019
Parents are Raven and Rudy

Hi Jose,

I wanted to share some photos of our Sophie girl who just turned 1 this past Monday. She was one of Emma and Toby’s puppies. We still can’t believe she’s already 1 and weighs in at 16 lbs. It still feels like yesterday that we were bringing that tiny little pup home. She is the sweetest and most loving girl. She also has a silly side to her and makes us laugh constantly. We already had a 3-year-old Cockapoo Ellie who Sophie is now attached to at the hip. Every time we take her on walks people constantly stop us to ask what breed is and they always compliment us on what great personality she has and also that she has a beautiful coat. We truly can’t thank you enough! Sophie has been the greatest addition to our family!

Warm regards,


Sophie was born on May 2018
Parents are Emma and Toby

Hi. Good Evening Jose,

I hope you and your family and puppies are all doing well and getting ready for the Thanksgiving weekend… Rocket (2.0) just turned 10 months on November 10th and I wanted to give you a little update on just how amazing he is!

Rocket is just the sweetest most loving dog! He has such an outgoing and friendly personality… he likes all dogs and loves to play but he prefers people and just loves to greet them and get snuggled by them… belly rubs and his favorite! He immediately took to my loud and rowdy boys (ages 7 and 3) and he just adores them and interacts with them from playing to just lounging with them… While he is outgoing, we do joke that he is the laziest puppy ever! He would nap more than any puppy we’ve ever seen and a walk or fun tug-o-war sessions will tucker him out. Rocket is also ridiculously smart! We taught him how to sit the first night and within a few days he was fully potty trained! He walks on a leash perfectly, loves car rides and is wonderful in all situations with all types of people and dogs… The kids at both my son’s school love it when Rocket comes to pick up! At 10 months old he weighs 14.1 lbs and is just our little “Ewok”. We are just so lucky and fortunate to have Rocket in our lives and we adore him with all our heart! We thank you so very much for everything you have done for us and for bringing Rocket into our family!

Angela Anderson

Rocket 2.0 was born on January 2018,
Parents are Sophie and Rudy.

Hi Jose!

I cannot believe Benny turned 1 yesterday! Wanted to share some photos with you, sorry I haven’t yet. We absolutely adore him – he is the sweetest puppy ever. We get so many compliments on his personality.
He even helped Alex propose to me! 🙂

I referred one of my friends to you. She is looking for a dog! She fell in love with Benny and your website. Hope you are doing well! Thank you for the best friend ever!!!

Benny was born in March of 2017
Parents are Zoey and Toby.