Color: Red
Weight/Height: 12 lbs / 13″ tall
Reg#: PA6197846
Birthday: March 29, 2018
ACA Registered Miniature Poodle. Great temperament, Calm friendly personality. Great fur with a white chest marking.


Color: Apricot
Weight/Height: 9 lbs / 12” tall
Reg#: PR16824102
Birthday: March 26, 2013
AKC registered Miniature Poodle. Great happy and friendly personality. He likes to give kisses and he has a nice beautiful coat.


Color: Red
Weight/Height: 7 lbs / 11″ tall
Reg#: PR18995703
Birthday: January 23, 2016
AKC registered Toy Poodle.
Great dog with great calm personality. He is sweet and friendly.